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Erie Basin RC&D maintains Circle of Diamonds status and National RC&D dues

Erie Basin RC&D helped Buckeye Hills RC&D celebrate 50 years


RLF made 6 gap financing loans for total of $86,895 creating 15 jobs in Ashland & Huron Counties

Continue TSA Angie Palmer

Continue PD Mike Patterson

Assisted with 9 mini grants $2,250 total for Terra Small Business Basic Seminars, Area I Envirothon, State Envirothon, OFSWCD Summer Supv. Sch., Huron SWCD 4th Grade Conservation Day, Ottawa SWCD Banquet, Wood SWCD Ag Venture, Seneca SWCD Water Fest, & Ashland Economic Dev

S K Worm attended Ottawa Co. SWCD and Huron SWCD 4th grade events.

USRD Grant #11 for $99,900.

Ohio Wildlife Project