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About Us

Erie Basin RC&D is a unique non-profit organization that helps people care for and protect their natural resources in a way that improves north central Ohio’s economy, environment, and living standards. It provides a forum for people to work together to plan and carry out activities that make north central Ohio a better place to live. Working with citizens, local organizations, and county agencies, the Erie Basin RC&D Council sets it s goals and priorities to meet local needs. Erie Basin RC&D Council is committed to empowering people and creating solutions for land conservation, community development, and environmental enhancement. Some of our past projects include:

  • Maumee River Watershed
  • Malabar Farm Education Building
  • USDA NRCS Small Farm Conferences
  • Migrant Camp Field Day
  • Dry Hydrants
  • Library Grant Books
  • Huron-Vermilion River Watershed North Central Ohio Sediment Reduction Project