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EBRC&D Conservation Education Program

Natural resource education continues to be a big focus of Erie Basin. Erie Basin has provided financial support for conservation education projects for the past twenty five years. This has been an important investment with our partners to promote sound soil, water, and wildlife conservation education in our ten county area. Recently we have experienced severe cuts in annual State and Federal. Because of these cuts, in recent years we have been unable to fund many worthwhile projects at the same levels we have in the past. In order to correct this situation we have created a Conservation Education Program to ensure a sustainable funding source for conservation education. All donations are tax deductible. If desired, contributors will be recognized in the Erie Basin RC&D annual report. Any size contribution would be greatly appreciated. Please see our donation page for more information on how you can help!

In 2019 Erie Basin awarded nine mini grants to nonprofit organizations to promote conservation education in the Erie Basin area. If your organization is interested in finding out more about these grant opportunities please contact our office.

Mini Grants for Conservation Education

Mini Education Grants Awarded this past year.

  • $250 to the Huron SWCD 4th grade Conservation Day.
  • $250 to the Ashland Area Economic Outlook.
  • $500 to the Ohio Small Business Dev. Seminars (Terra)
  • $50 to the Ottawa SWCD Banquet.
  • $200 to the Area I Envirothon.
  • $250 to the OFSWCD Area I Summer Supervisor School.
  • $250 to the OFSWCD Ohio Envirothon.
  • $250 HCDC Golf
  • $250 to the Seneca SWCD Water Fest.