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The Erie Basin RC&D Council provides a county regional framework for locally directed action and cooperation with social, economic, and environmental concerns for area citizens.  Local leadership and support are key elements for any successful project.  The Council works to service our 10 member counties in the following areas:

  • Promotion of sustainable land use techniques
  • Education and awareness/outreach to land users with natural resource concerns
  • Conservation educational outreach to students, educators, and the general public
  • Training Opportunities – SK Worm animatronics usage
  • Development of value added agricultural
  • Project Management – identify agencies or organizations that can successfully collaborate and assist in developing and implementing each step of a project plan
  • Conference Development
  • SK Worm Activity and Coloring books
  • Proposal and/or Grant preparation assistance
  • The Ohio Wildlife Project 
  • Natural Resource Technical support
  • Revolving Loan Fund – Startup and expand small business, Natural resource based business, Energy improvements, and Downtown revitalization