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President’s Update

As President of the Erie Basin Resource Conservation and Development Area, I welcome you to our website and encourage you to view our many accomplishments this organization has achieved over the years, since its founding in 1991.  In the thirty-one years of its existence, we have been able to offer positive impacts to individuals, businesses, and communities, through our Revolving Loan Fund, Downtown Revitalization Program, and most recently through the Ohio Wildlife Project.  These programs and others allow businesses and communities to grow and to carry out our mission of social and economic development while protecting our natural resources. We are all very proud of the great impact we have had on our ten county region, and we look forward to offer more opportunities to everyone.

This work is not done by one person, but by many working together.  Greg Small, the Area Coordinator manages the programs under the direction of the Erie Basin Council Officers. The many Council members, County Commissioners, SWCD personnel, Economic Development professionals, and members at large, from the ten county region, all come together to make this organization a viable and productive group, that gets the work done and makes the area better for all.  It truly is a pleasure and honor to work with all of you.

As we continue to deal with this pandemic, I hope we can maintain a certain normality in our in person meetings. Technology is great, but it just isn’t quite like being there.  We will continue to make positive loans with the RLF, support downtown revitalization, create jobs, and improve the quality of life for all.  We all need to work to get the word out about the opportunities that the Council offers to our residents and their businesses, so all may be successful.  Thank You, Jim