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4th Area Plan approved 2016-2020

James Sass, 13th President

Erie Basin RC&D maintains Circle of Diamonds status and National RC&D dues

Alaina Berry, an Ashland University Career Ready intern May thru August


RLF made 7 gap financing loans for total of $120,000 creating 11 jobs in Sandusky & Ashland County

Continue TSP Angie Palmer

Continue TSP Mike Patterson

Assisted with 4 mini grants $1550 total for Terra Small Business Basic Seminars, OFSWCD Ohio Envirothon, Fourth Grade Field Day, Huron SWCD Chase Heyman memorial fund Seneca SWCD E.A.R.T.H. Teachers Workshop, Ashland Area Council

S K Worm traveled to Ottawa Co. Fair (SWCD), the Ohio State Fair (ODNR), and Cuyahoga County Fair (Farm Bureau)

After 5 years of operation, we spent $1,000 to repair him

Launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign on April 1st with Mike Patterson’s (TSP) assistance