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April: evicted-Moving backwards-lost Federal funding

Carl Watt, 11th President

April:  Coordinator Mike Patterson Reassigned to other duties and Greg becomes Council Assistant

October 29th –20th Anniversary Living out of Boxes

Erie Basin RC&D maintains Circle of Diamonds status and National RC&D dues


USDA Rural Development awarded RBEG #9 (RLF)

Closed RLF loan is Sandusky County for $185,000 on Dec 5th which will use all of #9 funds

Time Warner Cable Grant for $2500 to rent SK Worm

Continue TSP Angie Palmer, migrant camp, NRCS Outreach Grant Agreement

North Central Conference, Steven Point, WI.

Joyce Morehart, Kurt & Sue Heyman,

Jerry & Pat Yeater, John Schaeffer & Ted Huss

Erie Basin Net Worth = $888,891