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Conservation Education Program

EBRC&D has provided financial support for conservation education projects in the Erie Basin RC&D area for the past twenty-seven years. This has been an important investment with our partners to promote conservation education. EBRC&D has experienced severe cuts in annual State and Federal funding. Because of these cuts, in recent years we have been unable to fund many worthwhile projects at the same levels we have in the past.

In order to correct this situation we have created a Conservation Education Program to ensure a sustainable funding source for conservation education. We hope to build this fund to $20,000 by 2025.  We would like to provide you the opportunity to contribute toward this worth while program. All donations are tax deductible. If desired, contributors will be recognized in the Erie Basin RC&D annual report. Any size contribution would be greatly appreciated. Their receipt will say “No goods or services were provided in exchange for the contributions.”

Because our ability to provide grant opportunities for conservation education is threatened, we thought it would be appropriate to use the five Ohio threatened mammals to signify different levels of giving. These designated levels only apply to Conservation Education Program.

Contact the Erie Basin RC&D at 419-681-6013 (Cell)  or 419-663-8405 (Fax) if you have any questions about this program.

Giving Levels Amount
Black Bear >$5000
Bob Cat $1000-$5000
Showshoe Hare $500-$1000
Indiana Bat $100-$500
Allegheny Woodrat <$100

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wdt_ID Name Giving Level Amount
1 Debra Kulick Indiana Bat $150.00