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Erie Basin RC&D Needs Your Support as a Partner

It’s time to think about what RC&D has meant to you and to the North Central Ohio Area.  Your support is needed to allow the Council to continue to carry out the role formerly done by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

RC&D’s 10 County Area dues do not cover all the program expenses; we need your individual help as well.  Help us strengthen our network by becoming a member of the Partnership Alliance.

The Partnership Alliance provides independent resources to help strengthen our financial situation (due to lack of Federal Funding) and provide seed money for projects.  The Alliance will help to maintain our belief in the balance between natural resource protection and economic growth that provides jobs and preserves our precious natural and human resources.

The Partnership Alliance is a group of individuals/businesses who want to contribute to the RC&D’s efforts to move forward with its mission and vision.  It sends a strong message that many people support the great work that our Council is doing in the 10 County Area of North Central Ohio.

This includes:    

Conservation Education & Wildlife
Great Lakes Restoration Initiatives
Revolving Loan Fund job retention/creation
Downtown Revitalization
Renewable Energy and more

Click on the link below for the Partnership Membership Form or Brochure in which you can make your donation:

Partnership Alliance Brochure

Partnership Membership Form

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