Erie Basin Focuses in on Education
Natural resource education continues to be a big focus of Erie Basin. By providing funding for school and Soil and Water Conservation District education programs, the public and youth learn to value our land and water resources. An exciting new project that was completed in 2010 by Erie Basin is the S. K. Worm project. This project consists of an interactive six foot animated worm that has been used as an educational tool for K - 6th grade level students in teaching the composition of the earth’s soil.

Mini Grants for Conservation Education

Mini Education Grants Awarded this past year.

EBRC&D Conservation Education Endowment Fund
Erie Basin has provided financial support for conservation education projects for the past nineteen years. This has been an important investment with our partners to promote sound soil, water, and wildlife conservation education. Recently we have experienced severe cuts in annual State and Federal. Because of these cuts, in recent years we have been unable to fund many worthwhile projects at the same levels we have in the past. In order to correct this situation we have created a Conservation Education Endowment Fund to ensure a sustainable funding source for conservation education. Interest earned from this fund would enable us to maintain current funding levels for conservation education projects. We are happy to report that we are well on are way to meeting this, with 20% of our goal currently funded. We would like to provide you the opportunity to contribute toward this worthwhile project. All donations are tax deductable. If desired, contributors will be recognized in the Erie Basin RC&D annual report. Any size contribution would be greatly appreciated. Please see our donation page for more information on how you can help!  


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